Our Services

Web design & development

Our first objective is always to understand who you wish to communicate with and what you aim to achieve by having a website. It may sound basic, but it's so important for you - and us - to understand this. The website's purpose and why and how you expect your visitors to engage with it can help to shape the way the site is built, how you expect people to find it and what actions you wish them to take when they do.

Our approach

We believe that developing a good website involves working closely with the customer. You understand your business or other activity. We understand good web design, good navigation, accessibility for users with different abilities and readiness for search engine indexing. While we expect that you will have ideas and vision for your website, you can expect us to challenge and enhance your ideas so that we can work together to achieve the best result.

Meeting face-to-face can be helpful, but we often find it often isn't required and we can successfully work with you by discussing by phone and email and sharing a working draft website that you will be able to experiment with on your own computer. This saves your time, and ours, and helps us to keep our costs low.

Solutions for organisations and individuals

We offer solutions for organisations, whether commercial or not, and individuals that want a web presence. Our service includes getting started by setting up your domain name, email accounts and hosting. We can provide your website based on a standard structure to keep costs down, or develop more sophisticated sites if that's what you need.

We are especially experienced with building websites that you can edit yourself, using a Content Management System. Our special expertise in this area lies in the excellent Drupal CMS, but we've also worked with WordPress - examples of which you can see in our portfolio. However, where frequent or rapid updates are not required, many of our customers take advantage of our prompt attention and low charges by asking us to do the updates for them.

Although we usually provide a fixed quote for a website package, you can also  hire us on an hourly rate for larger scale or variable jobs and consultancy. 


Building an online shop involves so much more than simply providing the mechanics that enable purchasing on the Internet. As part of our service for eCommerce customers, we help with aspects such as understanding your target audience and structuring your product range to make the items easy to find. We will also work with you to ensure you have the best presentation of your products, from photographs to descriptions and which item options are available. And we don't just give you an empty online shop: with our experience of data structure and manipulation, we will help to populate the product range offered ready for launch. Our greatest experience lies with the excellent open source system called OpenCart - producing a great shopping experience, but as importantly an easy to use back-end admin area for you to manage your online shop.


We offer web site design, marketing and social media consultancy for organisations that want to improve their existing websites; and of course, we include these services when working with a customer requiring a new web presence. 

A particular issue that affects many existing website, shop or CMS owners is the need to migrate from one system to another. We have a good deal of experience of analysing an existing set-up and recommending a strategy for migrating to a new solution. This can be a real nightmare if you have little experience of such things - not to mention a huge amount of time that can be spent in moving content from one platform to another. Automating content migration is one area we can certainly advise on and offer support. If you have such an issue to deal with, then we would be pleased to help.

Technology and web development services

We enjoy working with current and emerging standards for HTML and CSS, Javascript and jQuery, PHP and MySQL. All of our solutions are designed to work on Apache on linux servers and we are experienced at setting up blogs and CMS solutions, using mainly Drupal. As such we are pleased to work in partnership with web designers looking for experienced help with such technologies.

A key focus right now is in the ability to display a website intelligently on different devices, from smart phone to tablet and desktop computers. This "responsive" design enables your website to adjust itself automatically to appear in the best way on different screen sizes and devices.

Summary of services

  • Web design and development services for
    • small- to medium-sized businesses and other organisations
    • schools and pre-schools
    • voluntary and charitable organisations
  • Re-design of existing websites to give a more contemporary appearance or improve search engine results
  • E-commerce / online stores
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
    • websites designed by us so that you can maintain yourself
    • or an empty CMS for you to build yourself (eg Drupal or Wordpress)
  • Accessibility and web standards
  • Search Engine Optimisation of new or existing websites
  • Website hosting
  • Domain name registration, renewal and management
  • GSuite (formerly Google Apps) service for your organisation's email and online document collaboration