Here you can see examples of projects we have undertaken, grouped according to the type of website solution.

  • Content Management Systems
  • eCommerce
  • Simple Websites

If you need to be able to update your own website quickly and often, then a Content Management System (CMS) might suit your needs. We prefer to build CMSs using the open-source 'Drupal' solution for its balance of power, design and usability, but we have also worked with WordPress and Joomla. Examples of each of these are shown below.

Estuarine & Coastal Sciences Association


ECSA is an international science research community that needed a new website design with responsive features.

The site features both public facing content and restricted content available only to paid-up members. Membership management is included in the site, together with e-commerce facility to allow members to pay their annual subs and for new members to register with minimal intervention from an administrator.

Drupal was used for the site for its rich content management, automated rules and secure handling of payment and member data.

The development project involved migration of content and membership from a legacy system and handling the new website launch with minimal impact on users and no loss of links from search engine indexes.

The visual design for the website was provided by Webfroth of South Devon..


South West Youth Ministries


SWYM is an organisation that partners with churches in the South West of England, working with children and young people and providing residential and mentoring programmes. A complex site that provides a high degree of 'back-end' functionality for the office staff in automating the collection of information from applicants to courses and events.

This Drupal website features content for the public as well as protected content available only to authorised users. It has a registration system for course applicants together with automated processing of the applications including requesting references from third parties supporting the application. Public users can register and pay online for events and conferences and the registration data are available in various forms for the office staff.

The visual design for the website was provided by SPS Marketing of Exeter.


The Morris Ring

the morris ring

The Morris Ring, national organisation of men's Morris dancers, needed a website that could be maintained by a small team of editors. Most of the content already existed in a legacy website that had been developed over a number of years by one dedicated individual and so we developed a migration plan to ensure the content could be tracked and transferred. One of the key issues was to avoid loss of the already well-indexed pages in Google and other search engines, so a strategy was developed to map the indexed URLs to the page addresses of the new website.

The new website was developed using the Drupal CMS, because of the variety of content types and formats required, which needed to be easily maintained by the editorial team. This included a slideshow for the front page, news articles and snippets, events to be displayed in several formats, mp3 files that required a player and an interactive map for the 'side finder'.

In 2017 the visual design was updated to make the site fully responsive, with adaptive images displayed automatically and a mobile navigation menu when viewed on a small screen.


Girlguiding Devon

Girlguiding Devon

We originally built the website for the Devon area of the Girlguiding UK association back in 2008. More recently, in 2013, the group needed some changes to reflect the new corporate style of Girlguiding UK and also felt the need to update the look of the website and to have it adapt so that it can be viewed on different screens, and mobile and tablets in particular.

There is a members'-only area that provides content for Guiders and support teams and this is available to the (approximately) one thousand registered users. With occasional changes to membership, this needed to be readily updateable. The site also features an events diary, downloadable documents, a slideshow in the header and a Google map showing locations of the different divisions of the county.

The website was developed using the Drupal CMS, in particular to deal with the large number of users and to facilitate updating by a nominated member of the group, with another looking after membership.


Clare MacLeod - Equine Nutritionist

equine nutritionist

Clare MacLeod already had a website, based on a content management system. Two key problems were that the ability to optimise for search engines was limited and it was proving difficult to alter the style of the website.

We designed a more contemporary look for the website and built it with the powerful and flexible Drupal CMS, which allowed us to more closely match the customer's needs.

With the page structure and navigation structure set up, the customer is able to easily to focus on content and to update it as required.


Devon Kayak Fishing

devon kayak fishing

Devon Kayak Fishing is a website containing news, product reviews, construction projects and information for beginners related to this fascinating activity.

The customer required a magazine-style website with news features on the home page, linking to deeper articles within the website. The product reviews are organised hierarchically for easy navigation, as is the information aimed at beginners under the 'getting started' banner. Since much of the advice for beginners links to advice on equipment, there was a need for the ability to link automatically to any related equipment reviews. This was also true for construction projects, which needed to relate to the beginners' information provided.

A 'where to fish' map is shown, which needed to be easily updated by the customer as new recommendations were available.

The website was built using Drupal both because of the ability to provide the key features and ability to organise and link the information, but also because of its ease of updating and extensibility for future features.


Preston Community Pre-school

Preston Baptist Church Pre-school

The website for this Pre-school in Preston, Paignton, is a good example of the numerous content-managed sites that we have built for Pre-schools and schools. For those that have the resources and skills, a CMS site enables the Pre-school to provide up-to-the-minute news and information for parents, while keeping running costs down.

Key features of this, and similar, site are the ability to add new pages when necessary, to provide and update policies and newsletter documents, organise photos into a gallery and to add date-based content ("events") that are shown in a calendar and automatically removed from the home page when their date has passed.


Providing eCommerce websites for start-ups and established businesses is something we are increasingly asked to do. Although we have built websites for selling online, we find it is much more cost-effective to use a framework tool to do so. Our preferred solution is OpenCart, which we find has the best balance of in-built security, range of features, front-end styling through a theme system and back-end ease of use for the store owner.

Come West - online clothing store

come west

Come West is a well-established shop in Paignton selling quality informal clothing from well-known brands. The business owners wanted to promote online sales of their branded clothing at competitive prices.

This site was built using OpenCart, which provides an excellent balance of features and back-end usability. With a large catalogue of products to add, it was important to be able to import and export the product list, together with options, so that bulk changes could be made in Excel.

The eShop features a scrolling slideshow on the home page that the website editor can update, as well as full access to all product and category details.

Come West

Total Horsemanship - online store for natural horsecare

total horsemanship

The owner of the Total Horsemanship business had an existing eCommerce website that had been built using a template system. Although the front-end was acceptable to her, the main purpose in contacting us in the first place was to improve on search engine ranking, which had proved elusive with that solution.

We assessed that solution and found that it was unable to deal with many of the requirements necessary for good search engine ranking. The customer asked for us to propose an alternative and was very pleased with our pricing and proposal to build an OpenCart-based site.

Even better for the shop owner, the editing features in the 'back end' that allowed them to add and update their products was far easier to use than the original template solution. This is one of the key features of a good eCommerce solution: not only producing a user-friendly shop front, but providing a system that is easy to manage for the shop owner.

Total Horsemanship

AJ Art

AJ Art

AJ Art is the online shop promoting the work of artist AJ Carlino. AJ produces compositions representing memorabilia for different occasions and concepts and wanted an online shop to promote her art and to provide a mechanism for selling card and large-format print copies of the art works.

The website forms a portfolio showing the art works, which links directly to the items available for sale. A 'click to zoom' feature is used to show greater detail of each of the prints and the pieces of art.

This OpenCart-based site uses a responsive theme that allows the site to be viewed appropriately on any format device, from smartphones through tablets to full-size desktop screens.

AJ Art

Early Years Experience - online shop

early years experience

Early Years Experience provides ideas, resources and information to those involved with educating pre-school children. Themed activity packs are available through the website and the aim here was to provide the option of selling the printable packs available for immediate download.

This site was built with OpenCart, not only for its flexibility and ease of use for the end-user, but also for the secure download feature. Payments are taken securely through PayPal.

Early Years Experience shop

Our simplest offering is a website designed to meet your needs and built so that updates are performed by us at your request. This suits many of our customers as it is usually has the lowest start-up cost of all our website solutions and it allows them to focus on their business or other activity, and passes the responsibility to us for performing the updates.

If you have more demanding needs, then take a look at our websites built using a Content Management System or eCommerce solution.

Alistair Young Pottery

Alistair Young

The brief for this website was to present in an uncluttered way images of the excellent wares from ceramicist and potter Alistair Young, of Gloucestershire. The minimalist design was intended to showcase examples of Alistair's work and provide key information about his background, how to contact him and find where you can see and buy his pottery.

Originally built with a Flash slideshow on the home page, this was recently updated to a cross-browser javascript slideshow that displays equally well on Apple and Android tablets and smartphones.


Hardwick House, Shrewsbury

Hardwick House, Shrewsbury

The owners of this Bed and Breakfast business in the centre of Shrewsbury needed a website that was able to show off the stunning photographs of the Grade II listed Georgian town house.

We used a compact photo gallery on a couple of pages to display the photographs and a targeted Google Map to illustrate the directions to finding the property.